Redesigning tomorrow's plastics.

As an architect creates your dream house, we create
your dream plastic - with the planet in mind.

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Are you looking for a solution to complement
your business with Biomaterials?

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Develop your new Bioplastics.
From gram to ton scale.

Biopolymer Production & Sales Center

Get exclusive Biomaterials supplied and
matching your application. From ton to kiloton scale.

Licensing House

Produce our biomaterials with your own
polymerization equipment.


Do you want to add value to your
life with our own Bio-based products?

Explore our bioplastics webshop and
take a step towards a greener future.

Eco-plastics designed and realised with
BioBased Building Blocks.

Consider these 4 B’s as “Lego blocks” in all possible forms and with
all possible compositions which can be combined in accordance with
your specific required product properties.

News about
tomorrows plastics

Unveiling advancements in sustainability
Allow us to emphasize that each such recognition of our daily work, brings us a step closer to the transition into the new Bio economy.
Ik voel een ongelooflijke drang om het anders te doen

R&D Service Center

Develop your new plastic

Biopolymer Production & Sales Center

Get to know our unique biobased and biodegradable polymers

Licensing House

Produce Biomaterials In-house

Bioproducts webshop

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