Redesigning tomorrow’s plastics.

B4Plastics is a Polymer Architecture company, catalysing the introduction of novel biomaterials, and growing them from niche to bulk applications.
As an architect creates your dream house, we create your dream plastic.

Eco-plastics designed and realised with BioBased Building Blocks.

Consider these 4 B’s as “Lego blocks” in all possible forms and with all possible compositions which can be combined in accordance with your specific required product properties.

Pushing old fossil plastics towards the New Plastics Economy.

Searching for the most advanced ecological solutions for your plastic materials?

B4Plastics can help you find a solution for every product. Reducing, re-using and recycling will of course be part of the solution. But redesigning tomorrow’s plastics on a molecular level – the core technology of B4Plastics – might even be a bigger part of the solution.

Choose how you can contribute.

Showing the possibility to build towards a sustainable future.

At B4Plastics, we believe in a sustainable plastics industry, and we create this industry: the New Plastics Economy. Starting from symbolic niche products, we pave the way to big impact. Not only our products make that happen, also you! Bringing our products alive in the people that use them, is energizing us. Our breakthroughs have always rooted from the belief that they are needed for this world – soon! There is a whole new plastics industry to rethink, so we have started. The New Plastics Economy has become unstoppable.

Discover our projects

Our ambitious R&D projects form the bridge between science and industrial production of new, ecological plastics. They are one by one innovative projects that offer a temporary solution to current, well known plastic problems.




In 2023, the world will again exceed the average production of 1 Mio ton of fossil plastics every day, over 50% of which is for single use purposes – utilized for just a few moments, but remaining on the planet for at least several hundreds of years. Plastics are getting under our skin. Literally.


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