Each of us was born with a free will, and that is very convenient in the present time. At B4Plastics we have already opted for “reduce” and “refuse”: pushing the old fossil plastics towards the New Plastics Economy. To help the world around us, we also “rethink” every day: we “rethink” the plastics industry by building our materials on a molecular level, giving them the best balance from the whole market between functionality, ecology and cost.

A unique approach

B4Plastics is a Polymer Architecture company: we design your dream material and let it work in your application. We thereby hit the market best balance between functionality, ecology and cost. We prototype fast. We hit accurately. Your polymer ambition is in the hands of the largest team of Masters in Biobased Materials – uniquely educated to create new materials value chains, from the fields to your products, and back. Our solutions did not exist yet: we create them with you and for you. And for this world. Pole positions existed so far only in Formula One. B4Plastics is the Formula One of the New Plastics Economy. Step in, and we give you a green joyride.

"At B4Plastics we play the 'rethink' card: pushing the old fossil plastics towards the New Plastics Economy."

Make it happen

The B4Plastics scientists and engineers always start from scratch. Of course, “scratch” is a relative saying for us: B4PLASTICS has built and continuously expands the biggest bioplastics library in the world. Your new product with the specific desired properties is our starting point. We listen, we reflect, we design. When the green lights switch on at the B4Plastics facilities, you are lucky: we take your challenge and start building with you.

All our eco-plastics are designed and realised with biobased building blocks (B4). Consider these B4’s as “Lego blocks” in all possible forms and with all possible compositions which can be combined in accordance with your specific required product properties.

Reduce. Refuse. Rethink.


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