The strongest material in the world that is still degradable in natural habitats: we have dreamed it and then we have made it. FortePlastics are a new hypersensitive nerve that is growing every day in the New Plastics Economy. A gap that was overlooked in the fossil plastic industry so far. Only a few years ago, “degradability” was seen as a nice-to-have feature. Now that plastics appear on every spot of the planet, degradability has grown to one of the strongest drivers for change in applications where “wearing out” goes hand in hand with high strength: fishing gear, technical textiles, sports goods, carpets, ropes, twines,… But so far, bioplastics were not strong enough for many of these applications. FortePlastics differentiate from any other plastic in its new balance between cost, function and ecology. And the more fields we start to prototype in, the better the balance is regulated to the needs of the specific application. If we estimate the outlook of this Platform, there is only one word that crosses the minds: strong!


  • Uniqueness: strongest material in the world that is degradable
  • Properties: tensile strength up to 250MPa, elongation 10 – 100%
  • Raw materials: local>20%, renewable>40%
  • Applications: strong fibers/yarns/articles for textiles, fishing gear, engineering parts
  • Durability: high to extreme
  • Biodegradable: steerable between 12 – 120 months

"Meet the strongest material in the world that is still degradable in a natural habitat."

B4Plastics technologies

Building the largest library of new ecological plastics, and having the ambition to bridge this bio-wealth to societal products used by consumers, we have started to cluster our materials. Each of these Technology Platforms will bring more and more representative products, which have world-leading capacities in their markets.


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