The perfect elastomeric materials to help our New Plastics Economy land softly.

RubberPlastics are the perfect elastomeric materials to help our New Plastics Economy land… softly. The dampening properties of these materials go hand-in-hand with biobased or recycled raw materials, to give the best circularity of rubbery materials in the world.

RubberPlastics Applications

Shoe soles

● Avoid microplastics due to wear out
● 1 Kt of CO2-eq. saved/500 t or 2.5M pairs of shoe soles

Forklift tyre

● Less microplastics
● Less CO2 impact due to potential circularity

Bike handgrips

● High sustainable content
● Preliminary foaming tests successful

Hoses & cables

● Elasticity
● Closed loop recyclability

Discover the RUBRAN® sample specifications as first product of our RubberPlastics Platform.

Our other technologies

Building the largest library of new ecological plastics, and having the ambition to bridge this bio-wealth to societal products used by consumers, we have started to cluster our materials.

Each of these Technology Platforms will bring more and more representative products, which have world-leading capacities in their markets.

Ready to challenge the future, together?

We are constantly looking for new challenges to redefine the composition of plastic and aiming for a sustainable future. Together, B4Plastics is on a mission.


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