Policy statement
well-being at work

As the CEO of B4Plastics, my main goal is to ensure the continuity of all our business activities. The trust of both our employees and clients in our organization is essential for achieving this goal. Therefore, we attach great importance to providing optimal protection to our employees, PhD students, third parties and the environment against undesirable events resulting from our business activities. This protection is an integral part of our company policy.
With this statement, our organization wishes to demonstrate its commitment and dedication to safety, health and environment in the workplace. As company president, I have allocated the necessary time and financial resources to implement and maintain an effective safety management system.

Letting people build on the new Plastic Economy and protecting them at work, every day. So that they can return home every night safe and sound with their new stories and experiences. That is our mission at B4Plastics. We move mountains for that. Together. Of course, we also want to protect our employees optimally in their working environment. The legal welfare regulations are the minimum for us. Continuous improvement of welfare performance is a permanent task of the board, management, and employees themselves. In our 2023-2025 strategy, well-being is therefore comprehensively included in the “Organizational Excellence” strategic objective. Our analyses show that our primary focus needs to be on safety in the warehouses, ergonomics, safety in the labs and mental resilience. In addition, the materials equipment, and tools used require regular checks for efficiency, accuracy and safety.
Our departments and employees are constantly motivated, evaluated and retrained to ensure that our business operations are and remain safe, and that we literally “secure” our future as an organization.

This policy statement is reviewed every three years based on the operating condition.
If necessary, we will take steps to bring the organization back in line with this policy.

Drafted in 2023
Stefaan De Wildeman, CEO B4Plastics

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