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Life in Plastic, isn’t so Fantastic…
As part of our series about the daily work of B4Plastics employees, today we’re happy to introduce Luciano Monsegue, R&D Scientist at B4Plastics.
Referring to the European Commission’s shout-out “It’s time to make fast fashion out –of fashion”; B4Plastics might be able to turn this statement into reality with a newly developed bio-based material for high-performance and non-persistent fibers: “The Best of Both Worlds”.
All three deserved it, but it is the Belgian company B4Plastics from Dilsen-Stokkem that can call itself the laureate of the Limburg Innovation Award from Voka.
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Press releases

  • Investment Round

    Announcing the closing of Investment Round A with global aerosol dispensing expert LINDAL Group GmbH and the EIC Fund (European Innovation Council).

  • CleanTech Materials Hero

    Innovation and sustainable engineering earns B4Plastics first place as Cleantech Hero Materials.

  • Food Planet Price

    B4Plastics was given the 2021 Curt Bergfors Food Planet Prize for our development of materials for biodegradable fishing gear.

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