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B4Plastics accelerates its Biomaterials Design and Specialty Production

December 8, 2022

B4Plastics announces closing of its Investment Round A with global aerosol dispensing expert LINDAL Group GmbH and the EIC Fund (European Innovation Council).

LINDAL Group acting as the lead investor in funding the future growth of B4Plastics will take an active role in the partnership to reinforce its sustainability agenda and contribute more holistically to material waste and COreduction globally. LINDAL Group will benefit from B4Plastics’s specialist knowledge and research into sustainable materials for its core products, whilst gaining access to wider knowledge networks that identify new opportunities for future R&D projects. Along with the investment, LINDAL Group will support B4Plastics in its next phase of development, providing access to its global innovation capabilities and worldwide manufacturing and engineering expertise.

Stefaan de Wildeman
Stefaan De Wildeman in the B4Plastics Polymer Architecture Lab.


European Innovation Council mobilizes its powerful Green Deal investment network for B4Plastics, securing further growth at any ambition level. The investment furthermore secures to attract global top talents in Materials Sciences and Engineering, and Sales and Marketing, who can join the growing B4Plastics team to further leverage the impact.

LINDAL Group Chairwoman, Katharina Lilienthal, says: “This new investment by LINDAL signifies our broad approach to actively addressing sustainability challenges. We are excited and inspired by this new venture as a sustainability enabler to the Plastics Industry, and as a complementary approach to LINDAL’s existing sustainability initiatives.”

LINDAL Group CEO, Francois Xavier-Gilbert says: “We wanted to work alongside a partner active in developing alternative packaging materials. B4Plastics sits within an excellent niche as a pioneer of biodegradable materials. B4Plastics has already secured an impressive client base and attracted widespread international interest in its technology. Together, we enjoy a series of benefits and synergies that form an excellent start to our partnership.”

EIB Investment Officer, Marcin Nowak says: “B4Plastics is at the forefront of development of bio-degradable biomaterials with a clear goal to fight the plastic pollution. We are happy to see LINDAL Group investing in B4Plastics vision, and we believe it is truly a strong fit with great synergies ahead. B4Plastics is also a great example how the EIC Fund bridges the gap and catalyzes investments in high-risk deep tech companies”.

B4Plastics Founder, Stefaan De Wildeman says: “The time has come to bring our pipeline of designed biomaterials to the next level: start productions and create direct societal impact. Our aim was therefore to find an industrial partner and lead investor with operational capabilities, technical expertise, and a long-term vision. With LINDAL Group we have not only found this, but we have discovered an abundance of further opportunities to explore and build on.”


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