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B4Plastics Leads the Charge with Pioneering Solutions for EU’s ban on Microplastics

January 25, 2024

The EU has implemented clear regulations banning the use of microplastics in amongst others: agri & horti-culture, personal care products, paints, adhesives, geotextiles & drainage,….


In a landmark move to address the growing environmental concerns associated with microplastics, the European Union (EU) has implemented clear regulations banning the use of microplastics in personal care products and has scheduled to implement further stringed regulation over the period to 2035. This significant step aims to curb the environmental impact of these minuscule plastic particles, which pose a severe threat to aquatic ecosystems and human health.

Anticipating this regulatory shift, B4Plastics is at the forefront of innovation; developing cutting-edge TriggerPlastics-technologies to replace traditional plastics and ingredients with sustainable degradable (non-persistent) alternatives like FERTILAN®, SOLUBAN®, LUBRAN®, and RHEOLAN®.


Triggers can be: enzymes, light, salts, solvents, microwaves, heat, pressure, etc.

For each of the different triggers, we have investigated and developed polymeric backbones that alter their behaviour, leading to beneficial and controlled products within the application.



Microplastics, defined as plastic particles smaller than 5mm, have become common in various consumer products, leading to damaging effects on ecosystems and biodiversity. Recognizing the urgency of the issue, the EU has taken a decisive step by banning microplastics in several applications (see image attached) to mitigate their environmental impact.




Amidst this regulatory landscape, B4Plastics stands as a beacon of sustainability, proactively addressing the forthcoming ban on microplastics. The company is developing innovative TriggerPlastics alternatives that not only comply with emerging regulations but also contribute to a healthier planet.

FERTILAN® – Sustainable Fertilizers for Greener Agriculture:

Microplastics pollution is at its worst in the agricultural soils of urban regions, where locals typically produce high quantities of sludge and compost to go on to apply them as organic fertilisers.

B4Plastics is revolutionizing the agriculture industry with its environmentally friendly fertilizer coating, FERTILAN®. By substituting the traditional plastic coatings with the sustainable alternative FERTILAN®, we ensure robust plant growth without compromising the health of the soil or water ecosystems. Farmers can now embrace a more sustainable approach to agriculture while meeting regulatory requirements



SOLUBAN® – Breaking Down Barriers without Harming the Environment:

People mistakenly believe that the water-soluble films of laundry detergent pods dissolve entirely, leaving no residual traces. However, when exposed to water, these pods undergo solubilization, forming a plastic solution that can readily permeate traditional water treatment processes and reach ecosystems. The potential pollution stemming from these detergent pods raises significant concerns for the environment.

SOLUBAN®, another flagship product from B4Plastics, offers a sustainable solution for industries that previously relied on Polyvinyl Alcohol (PVOH). As a transparent and water-soluble alternative for films, SOLUBAN® ensures that barriers can be broken down without contributing to the persistence of harmful microplastics in the environment. SOLUBAN® can also replace PVOH in cosmetics and personal care applications like face masks, patches, gels and scrubs. This innovation not only aligns with EU regulations but also fosters a circular economy by minimizing waste.



LUBRAN® – Sustainable Lubrication polymer:

In the realm of industrial applications, B4Plastics introduces LUBRAN® as a substitute for the well-known PEG, offering sustainable solutions in dispensing agents, solvents, delivery liquids for medications, ointments, fillers for tablets & suppository bases in ophthalmic solutions, and treating constipation. Also in water-based coatings, paints, and inks; as well as a color stabilizer in the production of paper and ceramic.


RHEOLAN® – First biobased rheology modifier with exceptional performance:

By using RHEOLAN®, B4Plastic offers a sustainable alternative to the Polyacrylates and their super absorbing derivatives.



  • Between 60% and 80% of Greenhouse Gas Reduction (GHG)
  • Between 60% and 95% biobased
  • OECD-302 degradation




In the face of increasing environmental awareness and regulatory changes, B4Plastics emerges as a architect in the fight against microplastics. The development of sustainable alternatives in TriggerPlastic products like FERTILAN®, SOLUBAN®, LUBRAN®, and RHEOLAN® positions the company as a leader in responsible and eco-conscious manufacturing. As the EU laws on microplastics take effect, B4Plastics stands ready to provide effective, sustainable solutions that not only meet compliance standards but also contribute to a cleaner, healthier planet.

Download the brochure of our Triggerplastics HERE and/or CONTACT US with any questions.








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Author:  Leen Thys | B4Plastics


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