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January 4, 2024

An overview of tomorrow's plastics. Q4 - 2023


Launch new External Product Catalogue

A new year brings a brand new External Product Catalogue too with our TRL 9 products in it! Order your brochure here and let’s work together for a sustainable 2024


In this interesting Podcast, our CEO Stefaan De Wildeman and Britt Buseyn, the driving force behind Sustainababbels, talk about the composition and application possibilities of bioplastics, as well as the role of convenience, knowledge and responsibility in the development and use of future-oriented plastics.

TriggerPlastics® – present at the ADF Packaging Week in Paris

with our new product innovations:  RHEOLAN®, LUBRAN® and SOLUBAN®

We will present our sustainable solutions/substitutes for the well-known Polyacrylates, PEG,  PVOH and Polyquaternium at the ADF Exposition in Paris.
>> Visit us at booth U62 where you can see and listen to every detail about these 3 Products-Of-The-Future!

One moment they are here doing
their intended job;
the next they are gone,
NOT leaving any microplastics behind.


Industries applicable:

Personal care
Serves as thickener, rheological modifiers, film formers, emulsifiers, moisturizer, dispersants, water proofers and conditioners,…

Construction, instrastructure, coatings
Serves as water-resistant solvent, lubricant, wetting agent, plasticizer…

Serves as sespersants, detergents,..


Unique added values:

  • Between 59% and 79% of Greenhouse Gas Reduction (GHG)
  • Between 60% and 80% biobased
  • OECD-302 degradation

More information on TriggerPlastics


legislation news
EU Actions against Microplastics!

As part of the European Green Deal, the EU has taken measures to combat microplastic pollution on all fronts, aiming at reducing microplastic releases to the environment by 30% in 2030.

We, of course, are very pleased with these regulations and have put them in a clear overview for you from 2023 till 2035.





Green team expansion

We are happy to welcome 2 new colleagues to our sustainability-focused squad. With a passion for eco-friendly initiatives, Marcel van Berkel (Executive Commercial Development) and Csilla Bozsar ( Accounting & Digital Process Assistant) joined our #greenteam.

We are currently looking for a new Process Operator

Colleague Chronicles”

🙌 This quarter, we were on a mission to unravel the mysteries, the quirks, and the exceptional talents of our beloved colleague, Yo Cruyswegs
💚 Enjoy reading 💚







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