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Barbie’s Latest Film Unveils the Reality!

July 25, 2023

Life in Plastic, isn't so Fantastic...

Barbie’s Latest Film Unveils the Reality: 

Life in Plastic, isn’t So Fantastic

– The Bio-Economy Solution with B4Plastics –


Barbie, the iconic doll adored by generations, is back in the spotlight with an eye-opening new movie that challenges the once-celebrated slogan “life in plastic, it’s fantastic.”  

In this article, we explore how Barbie’s latest cinematic endeavour sparks conversations around plastic pollution and how B4Plastics stands ready to help Mattel in transforming their production to a more sustainable plastic economy.


Life in Plastic, Isn’t So Fantastic 

For decades and with over 100 dolls sold per minute, Barbie embodies a glamorous and carefree plastic world where beauty and perfection are prioritized. But times are changing, and society has become increasingly aware of the real-life consequences of the plastic lifestyle.  

Plastic pollution has reached catastrophic levels, devastating ecosystems, wildlife, and human health. Barbie’s new movie confronts us with this pressing issue, urging viewers to rethink their perceptions of a plastic-dominated world and its consequences. 


The Bio-Economy’s Role in Redefining Plastic

The bio-economy is an innovative approach that seeks to shift the dependence on fossil-based plastics to more sustainable and non-persistent alternatives. By utilizing renewable resources, we can drastically reduce our reliance on traditional plastics and even logistics, mitigating their environmental impact. By designing a smarter end-of-life into materials, we give them a higher-level circular potential. 


B4Plastics: Leading the Charge in Sustainable Plastics 

As Barbie’s creators, Mattel, seek to address the concerns surrounding plastic, there is some good news: the maker of Barbie dolls announced that it plans to reduce plastic packaging by 25% per product. The company aims to hit 100% recycled, recyclable or bio-based plastic in all toys and packaging by 2030! 


Partnering with B4Plastics could be a transformative move to start with for Mattel! 

B4Plastics is a pioneering company at the forefront of the bio-economy revolution, dedicated to creating sustainable, non-persistent and environmentally friendly plastic alternatives. With their cutting-edge technology and commitment to innovation, B4Plastics offers a range of new materials that could help Mattel revolutionize Barbie’s plastic image. 


How B4Plastics Can Help Mattel 

  1. Sustainable Barbie Dolls: B4Plastics can collaborate with Mattel to produce Barbie dolls made from sustainable elastomeric materials: RUBRAN®, significantly reducing the dolls’ ecological footprint. These biobased dolls with recycled content, would naturally decompose over time, avoiding the fate of adding to the plastic waste crisis. “How even Barbie can age in a natural and controlled way”… Not speaking from Barbie’s dressing room: does she choose the vegan skirt today, combined with the first micro-plastic free nylon pants from FORTAN®?
  2. Eco-Friendly Packaging: B4Plastics offers eco-friendly packaging solutions made from non-persistent materials. By adopting these alternatives, Mattel could demonstrate their commitment to sustainability and contribute to reducing plastic packaging waste.
  3. Educating Consumers: Working together, B4Plastics and Mattel can raise awareness among consumers about the benefits of bio-based materials. By promoting sustainable Barbie dolls, they can inspire other toy manufacturers and industries to follow suit, fostering a more eco-conscious consumer culture.




Barbie’s latest movie marks a significant shift in her narrative, challenging the notion that “life in plastic, it’s fantastic.” As society becomes increasingly aware of the environmental consequences of plastic pollution, embracing the bio-economy is essential for a sustainable future. By partnering with B4Plastics, Mattel can lead the way in transforming the toy industry into one that embraces renewable resources and biodegradable materials. Together, they can inspire a new generation of eco-conscious consumers and set a precedent for other companies to follow, ultimately turning the fantasy of a plastic world into a truly fantastic and sustainable reality. 


New song lyrics proposal 

“Hiya, Barbie!”
“Hi, Ken!”
“You wanna go for a green ride?”
“Sure, Ken!”
“Jump in!” 

I’m a Barbie girl in a Barbie world
Life in bioplastic, it is fantastic
You can brush my hair (with non-persistent brushes), undress me (even my FORTAN® nylon pants, Ken) everywhere…
Imagination, a sustainable (plastics) life is your creation
Come on Barbie, let’s go party 

Come on Barbie, BIO-PARTY ! 



Sustainable biorubbers to substitute common TPEs. 

B4Plastics’ RubberPlastics products, brought to you as RUBRAN®, aim to realize material properties akin to rubber or thermoplastic elastomers while still offering sustainability both at the raw materials side, including a recycled postconsumer plastic waste component and bio-based content, and at its end-of-life. 

Shore A90
Lower Shore A ranges under development

Moderate to high

High friction, noise dampening, bounce resilient, inflation,… 

Steerable between 6 and 120 months 



B4Plastics’ FortePlastics product, as for instance FORTAN®, give the strength of high performance combined with non-persistency: when reaching nature by worn-out part or microparticles upon use, the fate of FortePlastics is finally biogas and biomass – in contrast with conventional materials used for high strength textiles, filaments, parts and films.

Tensile strenght up to 250 Mpa, elongation 10 – 100%

High to extreme

Strong fibers/yarns/articles for textiles, fishing gear, engineering parts 

Steerable between 12 and 120 months 



Partner up – building the New Plastics Economy is a practice best done together.

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Author:  Leen Thys | B4Plastics


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