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October 9, 2023

An overview of tomorrow's plastics. Q3 - 2023

Autumn is not yet in the air – but luckily new bioflavours are at B4Plastics!
After laying the foundation of the company in the last half decade (2018-2023), the thrilling moments have come that we reach new milestones in this young company: first multi-ton orders dropping in, and next-generation partnerships opening up. Bigger packages to handle, bigger equipment to install, bigger cashflows to manage. Is everything decaying in autumn? No, not everything: but the Bio-Economy is in top condition in this season – Enjoy reading!

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First multi-ton order for B4Plastics

The “first multi-ton order” for B4Plastics marks a milestone in the evolution of the Bio Economy. This achievement signals a breakthrough moment for both the company and the broader industry as it takes significant steps towards a more sustainable and eco-friendly future.

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Glaukos successfully produced 9kg of bio-yarn!

It was a summer of great achievements for the Glaukos project! Their researchers are continuously working to develop circular solutions for the textile industry. In August, our partners in Maastricht University successfully produced 9kg of bio-yarn, made from B4Plastics Polymer! The yarn has good properties and represents a great step towards the creation of clothing prototypes!



Launch new website interface
Have a look at our new, user-friendly design. This interface makes navigating our website easier, whether you are a Bioplastics Industry Professional or a first-time visitor.


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Expansion of Production space 

We enlarged our production hall recently with 70m² of pilot installations.
Continuous growth = Continuous innovation = Continuous drive to make the permanent leap towards the new Bio Economy!



FORTAN® present as injection moulded material in the Positive Plastics KIT

FORTAN® is now also available in a unique sample of Positive Plastics and was added to our B4Plastics Sample Box. Why should you consider our B4Plastics FORTAN® sample box?
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  • You are looking for a bio-based material with a reduced carbon footprint for high-performance applications.
  • You are looking for a polymer with a built-in non-persistency.
  • You would like to develop a tailored material for your specifications, with the possibility to balance mechanical properties with biodegradability

Discover FORTAN®



B4Plastics is awarded: “International High Potential 2023”

🙌 In September, Flanders Investment & Trade (FIT) successfully organised the first edition of the ‘Flanders International Business Awards,’ recognizing B4Plastics 🥇 as one of the top three promising International High Potentials of 2023!

👌 The event was a celebration of innovation and technology, attended by an extensive international business network.

🎉 We’re really proud that our fantastic #greenteam‘s hard work towards the New Plastic Economy is getting noticed. We also want to congratulate the other nominees for their great accomplishments!

🌱International High potentials 2023: B4Plastics – OTIV– Henchman

Exporter of the year: Globachem nv
Investor of the year: Plugpower
Startup of the year: Loop Earplugs

🔻The future clearly lies in Sustainable Economy!



New colleagues joining the green team

We are happy to welcome 3 new colleagues to our sustainability-focused squad. With a passion for eco-friendly initiatives, Jeroen Kaes, Dries Vaes and Panagiotis Falireas will bring fresh enthusiasm and expertise to the team.  We are also looking for an Accounting & Digital Process Assistant and an HR Business Partner to join our team.

Discover our open vanancies here →




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