Happy New Year 2023!

January 12, 2023

On to a year full of inspiring new days.

Happy New Year 2023!

Yes indeed, chances are substantial that it will be happier than 2022: how many missed days we count to move away from our fossil and big-footprint attitudes?

Our 2-tonner cars for our tiny bodies, our not-yet insulated houses, our imported food, our exported vacations, our clouded pictures that need more and more energy for their continued storage…

Can we ride horses again? Live in comfortable rocks? Eat fruit again from our gardens and parcs? Enjoy vacation time instead of vacation distance? Take mindful brain pictures again that become sweet memories – or print a few in collaged and melancholically smelling picture books? Hmm…

Starting 2023 almost looks like 365 lost days in 2022! Wasted in time?

Maybe not fully if you dare to look at it with semi-activistic eyes. Maybe not if the look-backs at 2022 give you energetic motivation to crack some sustainability nuts in your own life: no regulations needed, no advices needed. You simply feel what is needed and how you can help. It is called “the ethical radar” in every one of us.

Because there is work to do. Hurray! It’s a blessing to love work. Laziness is only sucking energy in the end.

Besides all the evident work we can do in our personal lives based on personal motivation and goodwill – to liberate this world from its Climate crisis – 2022 brought considerable inspiration too!

“Thanks to” a (new) war – unbelievable in such modern times – energy costs catapulted upwards in 2022. Wasn’t it the ideal moment to develop novel materials that catapult energy spenditure a rato down for their production? YES we thought! And if you think about it: if Nature makes all its living material since almost four billion years at ambient temperature, who are we, simple human beings, to add many hundred degrees of Celsius increased temperature on top of that? Because we are more in a hurry than Nature? For what? To destroy the planet faster you mean? Come on!

I admit I write this text from a dark January evening early 2023 – so the tone of voice sounds a bit darkened and reflective too.

But if I have one promising wish for every living being on this planet anno 2023, it is the wish to discover and follow your own internal ethical radar. It’s the strongest and purest wish I can imagine. So that – when the fresh sparkling light of springtime starts to shine – we get that unbeatable notion that all together, we can reach it.

With all small steps together, we can reach it.
The world our children can and want to live in.

Happy New Year full of Inspiring New Days!

To reach it!

Green greetings,




Stefaan De Wildeman and the B4Plastics team



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