The New Biotech Laboratory

June 7, 2021

An in-house biotechnology wing to complete our services.

B4Plastics R&D Scientist and Project Manager Veerle, celebrating the opening of our new laboratory.

If you have been following our News feed, you probably remember that we started working in our first in-house ‘Polymer Architecture Laboratory’ in April 2020. Since then, the B4Plastics Team has been unstoppable. The Polymer Architecture Lab has been fully equipped and occupied, and after only one year it already became too small for our fast-growing B4P Team.

So now, a pandemic year later, we are excited to open our second lab: the new Biotech Laboratory, where life is explored! This brand-new space will mostly focus on the biotechnology wing of our R&D projects and services. After the B4P materials have been designed, synthesized and characterized in the Polymer Architecture Lab, they will fly over to the Biotech Lab and will be tested on their (bio)degradability, a major focus point of our B4P bioplastics in general. Alongside that, the Biotech Lab will pioneer on microbial interactions with plastics, including the influence of enzymes, gene technology and ecotoxicity.

With this second B4P Lab, we hope to offer an even more complete spectrum of our developed biomaterials and therefore will continue to engineer world-new circularity and sustainability into our B4P products. We look forward already to the projects, partnerships and customers we will take care of in this new lab at B4Plastics.


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