At B4Plastics,
we offer 2 main-services.

Changing plastics for a better world

As Polymer Architects, we are of course used to looking at plastics from many different angles. That is why we can help you with designing your optimal polymer from your requirement list and bring it from first grams to tons-scale supply. We do that faster and more accurately than anyone else. Also our catalogue based services, covering upscaling, upgrading and understanding your material, brings your plastics innovations in an accelerated flow that was not possible before.


Your optimal material

Dream it, describe it, expect it.

The most optional measure-made solution for your problem. We check the chance to hit your challenge, screen it, scale it and supply it. 


Menu-card Services

Catalogue based

Our Catalogue based services make it easy for you to get control over your plastic material: we make it, we improve it, we show how to degrade it, and we let you understand it by our specialized analysis methods. And to connect your wildest plastic dreams with reality: we fish it out from our Bioplastics Library! A match made in heaven?

Reduce. Refuse. Rethink.

Ready to create a product together?

Hit us up by using the form on the contactpage or just give us a call. 


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