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11 Million Biorix® in every Belgian Colruyt supermarket

December 4, 2020

An ecological toast for every Belgian!

Biorix® are the first bio-degradable straws in Belgium that have been certified with the OK Home Compost label. This means that you can see them degrade in your own compost bin. Biorix® was designed and developed by B4Plastics, who strives to provide and distribute environmental friendly alternatives for the existing conventional plastics to all living beings, so that we can build a more durable world of tomorrow, together. B4Plastics is located in Flanders, which means that this straw is created on Belgian soil, where it can also disappear again. This world-innovation of less than 1 gram wants to be the light in this special holiday season, accessible to every Belgian via your proximate Colruyt shop. So reserve some time to get your own Biorix® compostable straws, toast with us on the continuation of the green revolution in 2021 and do the test yourself in your own backyard!


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