B4Plastics as lighthouse of the European legislation

December 15, 2020

At B4Plastics we already apply the recommendations of the European Union - eco-business as usual.

This month, the European Union published a new scientific opinion on the “Biodegradability of Plastics in the Open Environment.”

The recommendations that were drawn up in the report, are common sense at B4Plastics:

  1. With our motto “Reduce. Refuse. Rethink.” we encourage ourselves, but also our customers and consumers, to think about the general use of plastics in their specific application. If reducing and refusing is not possible, the Rethink factor of B4Plastics comes into play. We get to work to rethink, design, develop and produce innovative and environmental friendly plastics alternatives together with you and for you. And every application has its own requirements.
  2. For us it is important to set clear standards when we talk about our environment. Therefore, at B4Plastics, we always search to find the right certificates for our products, so that there is no doubt about their biodegradability in their concerned environment, as it was proven according to scientific standards. But we go further: we search and identify the microorganisms that break down our unique plastic grades – in different habitats!
  3. At B4Plastics, we insist on communicating transparently and correctly with our innovation partners, customers and consumers. For every product, we opt for clear labeling with the right certificates. Only a well-informed consumer public can pave the way to a New Plastics Economy that survives the ultra-ecological conditions of a sustainable planet. We want you to know where our products come from, what you can expect from them and what to do with them after use. Also on our social media and website, we proceed with cultivating this transparency. Our continued investment in time and education sometimes might (still) feel like overload, but it becomes a necessary stronghold guiding us to the New Plastics Economy.


With these 3 pillars on board at B4Plastics, we all strive for a clear and sustainable future, together.


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