The Polymer Architecture lab

December 19, 2020

From “first in the world” to “too small” in nine months time.

The first Polymer Architecture laboratory opened its doors at B4Plastics in April 2020. Because of the exceptional pandemic, it was not sure if the lab should be mobilized for medical help. But it seemed the pressure of customized bioplastics projects was growing much more firmly than the virus, so we got the lab to make novel materials – there we went!

Now, almost nine months later, the lab is fully equipped and occupied, and our pipeline begs for extra room. Plans for a second lab have been secured and will start on January 11th 2021: only some 20 nights to sleep! Unbelievable how the New Plastics Economy is awakening! If new polymer labs are growing as fast as babies, we have come to a new reality. The new reality we are shaping and enjoying at the same time. You know the story about the chicken and the egg? Maybe they were put on earth at the same time…? For those who believe in their mission, this doesn’t matter: there will be chickens and eggs in excess – excuse me: bio-chickens and bio-eggs.


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