Inspiring future Polymer Architects

March 4, 2021

B4Plastics presents VIPRISCAR to high school students.

A job in the bio-economy: presenting the road map of innovation

It has become a yearly tradition that B4Plastics is introduced to young students of 18 in Belgium, who are in the process of deciding their further education. In this year’s event, “a job in the bio-economy” is reflected by B4Plastics’ founder Stefaan De Wildeman in an online session. This exchange was facilitated by VLAJO, a Flemish organization which links businesses to education to stimulate the talent and ambitions of students across Belgium.

As a demo case, the VIPRISCAR project is presented: to show the students how innovations in the bio-economy find their existence. By partnering the synergetic companies and knowledge institutes, it becomes possible to substitute many elements of the old fossil plastic economy. In the case of VIPRISCAR, the goal is to develop a whole new range of coatings and adhesives, to build and decorate the houses of the future. B4Plastics took up the role of an upscaling company to make the first 100-kg of a new building block, derived from local sugar waste sources. As an ambassador of the European innovation ecosystem, Stefaan De Wildeman shows the scale of VIPRISCAR work yet to do – an opportunity for the generation that will continue the work to keep the planet a livable home.


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