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April 29, 2021

B4Plastics moves into a new era of production with our first operator.

As B4Plastics grows and innovates new biopolymers for the New Plastics Economy, we find ourselves developing and applying ever more advanced technologies in the production of these materials. 

To be able to keep up with our materials pipeline dynamics, we are happy to welcome Gerry Vresk as our first dedicated expert operator in the B4Plastics Team. For now, Gerry will manage and operate some of our pilot equipment, allowing B4Plastics to produce world-new eco-plastics and some of their biobased building blocks on a multi-kilogram scale. 

Just in time, as we move to the next stage of our GLAUKOS project: developing the next kilogram amounts of biodegradable polymers for fishing lines and nets. 

With Gerry we reach another milestone, in which we anticipate to further transform our activities from lab-scale to pilot scaleand improve our efficiency and workflow on an operational level. In this way, we already prepare ourselves for the envisioned further growth of B4Plastics to ton-scale campaigns of world-new polymer materials. If you want to know more, get some bio-inspiration from our website: here you can see how ideas become sustainable materials in yet unexplored corners of the New Plastics Economy!  


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