Sustainable polymers to substitute common polyamides.


B4Plastics’ FortePlastics products, brought to you as FORTAN®, aim to realize strong material properties while still offering sustainability both at the raw materials side, implementing bio-based content, and at its end-of-life, designed for biodegradability.

25%-100% biobased content

+100 MPa tensile strength

12-120 months degradability

With FORTAN®, we are moving towards a more sustainable future, one product at a time.

The strongest sustainable bioplastic that is still degradable in natural habitats.

Think high strength. durability. steerable degradability. yarns. fishing nets. carbon footprint reduction.

Discover the FORTAN® sample specifications as first product of our FortePlastics Platform.

Redefining Plastics

At B4Plastics, we are dedicated to developing sustainable and environmentally friendly alternatives to traditional plastics. With the increasing demand for plastic products, it is essential to find materials that not only meet the needs of the industry but also minimize the negative impact on the planet.

The Challenge

As the demand for plastic products continues to grow, the negative impact of traditional petroleum-based plastics on the environment has become increasingly apparent. This has led to a significant challenge in finding sustainable alternatives that offer the same level of strength and durability as traditional plastics, while also being biodegradable and sustainable.

The Methods

The result is a bioplastic with a tensile strength of over +100 MPa, making it one of the strongest bioplastics available, which we named FORTAN®. FORTAN® is made from 25% to 100% bio-based content, making it an ideal choice for those who are concerned about the environmental impact of traditional plastics. Additionally, it can be steered to degrade between 12-120 months, depending on the desired application and habitat.

The Result

At B4Plastics, we believe that FORTAN® represents a major step forward in the development of sustainable, biodegradable plastics that can meet the needs of a range of applications. Rivalling the tensile strength of traditional petroleum-based plastics, we are proud to offer this material to our partners and customers. An excellent option for applications where long-term durability is necessary, but where biodegradability is also a key consideration.

FORTAN® is the first product of our FortePlastics technology.

The strongest material in the bioplastics library that is still degradable in natural habitats? First we dreamed it, then we made it. FortePlastics materials form a platform that fills the gap that was once overlooked by the old fossil plastics industry.

Ready to challenge the future, together?

We are constantly looking for new challenges to redefine the composition of plastic and aiming for a sustainable future. Together, B4Plastics is on a mission. 

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