B4Plastics at the Greener Manufacturing Show 

December 6, 2021

Represented by our colorful technology platforms at our very first fair booth.

After a busy November month, crowned by winning the Food Planet Prize 2021, we are reflecting on another milestone in the B4Plastics history. On 10th and 11th of November, we proudly presented our first-ever fair exposition at the Greener Manufactoring Show in Cologne, Europe’s leading event for cutting-edge innovations in environmental and sustainable manufacturing.   

Both Stefaan De Wildeman, Founder and Director of B4Plastics, and Sil Nevejans, Business Developer, were overwhelmed by the number of visitors that came to check out the booth. Some passed by even several times to learn more about B4Plastics and to receive additional information on our technology platforms, represented by 4 colorful pillars as eyecatchers of the B4P booth. It was clear that FortePlastics, the strongest materials in the world that are still degradable, could count on the biggest share of attention with interests ranging from automotive to yarns industry. However, also RubberPlastics showed its uniqueness, as the apparent only bio-rubber with degradable and recyclable characteristics presented at the fair. TriggerPlastics spoke to the imagination of many visitors with versatile custom-made polymer requests. This mainly because of the possibility of obtaining fast degradability in these type of materials upon exposure to specific triggers, such as UV light and heat. And finally, the display of some of our VeganLeather samples raised the awareness of the development of LowEnergyPlastics, focusing on energy efficiency during production.  


Our four B4Plastics technology platforms from left to right:
FortePlastics – RubberPlastics – TriggerPlastics – LowEnergyPlastics


Moreover, we are happy to mention that our extra efforts towards sustainability on our stand were enthusiastically received. The B4Plastics stand was “business card and folder-free” as all necessary contact details, forms and pitch decks could be obtained through a simple scan of our QR codes. We hope that by setting this example we can demonstrate that a small adjustment of our habits, can be a significant step on the way towards paperless booths at fair events.  

Lastly, we want to thanMENTALL and Expopoint, our terrific and agile partners that can follow our rollercoaster path through these transition times. Both strategic partners demonstrated their strengths in graphic design and booth building respectively: without them such a seamless and successful first B4Plastics fair event would not have been possible.  

See you next year at the Greener Manufacturing Show 2022 in Cologne on 9th and 10th of November 2022?! 



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