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Our products witness the power of our Technology Platforms. They form the bridge between science and societal functional products. They are one by one breakthrough products in their respective markets that offer a (temporary) solution to current, well known plastic problems. They tell the language that makes you stand still for a moment. They ask the questions that become indelible. They scar your brains! “Where is your straw going after you sipped your drink…?” Even more, they lay the foundation of a new experience in the New Plastics Economy: you will fall in love with them! And love is what this world needs more. Green love.


The strongest material in the world that is still degradable in natural habitats: we have dreamed it and then we have made it. FortePlastics are

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RubberPlastics are the perfect elastomeric materials to help our New Plastics Economy land softly. The dampening properties of these materials go hand in hand with

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From the one million ton of daily produced plastics, less than one percent is made under natural conditions: ambient temperature and pressure. Just like our

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